We believe in the future of business

Soul S.r.l. supports the new investment projects of its clients, helping them to identify, apply for and manage the numerous funding programmes through EU law. In this way, the entity or company applying for this funding can instead focus on its core business activities, while our pool of financial experts gets on with sourcing the financial incentives and funding that best suit its needs.

What we do, in 4 essential stages


Scouting for funding for which the entity or business is eligible, using our customised subject- and/or region-based search service for applicable assisted finance programmes.


Feasibility analyses to identify development and investment programmes that are the best fit for the type of entity or business and its contingent economic and financial conditions.


Design and preliminary application processes in a shared course of action aiming at the study, planning and preparation of the forms needed to apply for funding.


Administrative and financial management for investment programmes through the assistance of the specialists at Soul S.r.l. for every stage of the project and preliminary application, including the complex stage of reporting and maintaining the contribution over time.