Redefinition of cadastral rent

Soul S.r.l. provides assistance in redefining or calculating the correct cadastral value of a property to make sure that the municipal taxes owed are both correct and reasonable.
Councils often set a very high cadastral rent on properties, and Soul S.r.l. is able to demonstrate that the real cadastral value is much lower, leading to reductions of up to 20% to 40% in the taxes applied.

Recalculation of waste taxes (TARI)

Soul S.r.l. can assist you in the correct calculation of waste disposal taxes (TA.RI.) so that you can be sure of paying a fair and correct amount.
The complex regulations currently applied, together with continuing developments in laws, the lack of actual updates to invoices by the managing bodies and the fact that this is not a subject usually dealt with by normal business consultants mean that many businesses are submitting incorrect Waste Tax declarations (ex-TARES/TIA) for which they are paying the price!
Soul S.r.l. is able to check whether or not your company is paying more than it should, taking care of the whole process, through to the correction of your category status and adjustment to the amount payable on all future bills. It can also apply for refunds on sums already paid for the previous 5 years. All without unnecessary bureaucracy for the company.

Energy efficiency

Soul S.r.l. is available to work with you, free of charge, on the access to funds for the energy efficiency interventions of your company, through to finance at subsidised rates, non-repayable grants, or tax bonus.
For example, these interventions can include:

  • energy production from renewable sources (photovoltaic, wind, geothermal, biomass) and the relevant technical studies, financial feasibility studies and administration;
  • cutting-edge solutions for energy redevelopment in real estate assets;
  • interventions to optimise the power systems for entities and companies;
  • technical and financial assistance.

Energy Management

Soul S.r.l. works in synergy with the major operators on the marketplace, allowing us to offer the best possible economic conditions for supplying and withdraw electricity.
Strategic energy management makes it possible to maximise use of market opportunities, optimising costs through to 20%.

Co-working from €250/month

Soul offers a dedicated co-working space in Bolzano, making offices with key available in an industrial zone in Bolzano. The shared office space is located in a modern setting, with reception and all the services you need to be up and running straight away!

Service includes:
• 1 shared desk in a co-work space
• or 1 room (approx. 10 sq. M), with lock and key, personal desk and locker
• WiFi or Ethernet broadband
• Use of a meeting room once monthly (or more, if free)
• Reception service 9-12 and 15-18, Monday – Friday
• Weekly cleaning

from € 250 + VAT per month (renewable annually)