Environmental tax incentives

All of the companies that have invested in photovoltaic and wind power and which meet the access requirements for this type of facilitation can benefit from environmental tax incentives. Applying the 388/2000 Tremonti Ambiente law, it is possible to recover up to 20% of the amount invested in the system from Ires or Irpef (personal or corporate income tax). Thanks to its experience with clients, Soul S.r.l. is able to provide complete assistance to avoid or solve any tax disputes arising from application of the Tremonti Ambiente, seeing the delicacy and importance of the operation in question.

Network charge exemptions from electricity bills

Current regulations make it possible to remove “network charges” from electricity bills as needed for the operation of plant auxiliary components. For utilities where exemption is requested, the savings can total about 50% of current bills! This facilitation is only valid for connection points that supply auxiliary plant services.

Power trading

Soul S.r.l. works in synergy with the major operators on the marketplace, allowing us to offer the best possible economic conditions for supplying and withdraw electricity. Strategic energy management makes it possible to maximise use of market opportunities, optimising costs through to 20%.

IRAP subsidies for the Province of Bolzano

The Autonomous Province of Bolzano facilitates all production activities located in its Province, applying a regional production tax (IRAP) at 2.68%. This facilitation is valid for new companies and also for those relocating their headquarters to the province for the first time. Soul S.r.l. and its team of professionals acts as a point of reference for the relocation process of registered/administrative headquarters and for domiciliation in the Province of Bolzano.