We support companies in the development of their business
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We offer specific tax advice in the field of renewable energy
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Your partner for the optimization of cost in the real-estate sector
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Soul S.r.l. is a business partner for subsidies and development.
We work with passion in the world of subsidies and financial grants because we believe in the future of Italian firms and take part in their growth process.
Our record of success is based on the satisfaction of more than 1,000 companies; we achieve the same goals as those of our clients because we look in the same direction.


We support the investment programmes of our customers, assisting them in identifying, applying for and managing the numerous financial subsidies provided for under Community law.
The applicant company can therefore concentrate its efforts on its core business, entrusting these activities to a pool of subsidised credit experts.


We grew up in South Tyrol, a land that has always respected the environment and promoted sustainable development, we support Italian businesses to generate new opportunities and forward-looking perspectives. The people who are part of our team are highly qualified and able to identify the most suitable solutions for the development plans and investments of our customers. Even in a context of economic uncertainty, Soul S.r.l. is capable of generating value by operating with transparency and providing guaranteed results.

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