Shared aims

Soul S.r.l. partners enterprises for development and incentives. We are passionate about our work in the world of incentives because we believe in the future of Italian businesses and our role in helping them to grow.
Our success is based on the satisfaction of more than 1,000 businesses, and we achieve the same aims as our clients because we are both looking in the same direction.

Investment support

We support our clients’ investment programmes, working with them to identify, apply for and manage the various financial incentives available through EU laws. Businesses applying for these funds can therefore focus their attention on their core business activities, while our pool of credit facility experts manages this process.

Business opportunities

We have grown and developed in South Tyrol, an area where the environment and sustainable development have always been at the forefront. We work alongside Italian companies to generate new opportunities and prospects for the long term. The members of our team are highly qualified and able to identify the best possible solutions for our clients’ development plans and investments. Even in this climate of economic uncertainty, Soul S.r.l. can generate value, working transparently to offer guaranteed results.

We are different